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In business since 1954, our technicians are highly trained and have decades of auto body repair & refinishing experience that allows for maintaining our high-quality finished products. We believe that our customers shouldn’t just be a number, and we take the time to meticulously go through the repair process with you. Throughout the years we have built a solid reputation with our customers, and the community, by providing quality repairs and service work.

Whether you have minor or major collision damage, our staff and technicians have professional repair and refinishing experience to restore your vehicle to the original condition. With our state-of-the-art facility and the latest technology/products in the automotive refinishing field, we provide high-quality finished products. We stand behind our repair work with our Standard Lifetime Guarantee* on all collision repair and bodywork! We also provide the option of a loaner or rental vehicle while your vehicle is in for repairs so you can continue with your life as usual. We work with you throughout the whole process ensuring that your vehicle is professionally repaired. From cars and trucks to large vehicles like semi’s, trailers, or even RVs we repair them all.

We are Central Minnesota’s repair shop for all your vehicle repair needs. With our expanded facility we are truly your one-stop auto repair, truck repair, and even RV repair shop! We know it can be difficult to find a trusted repair shop that will go the extra steps to professionally repair your vehicle. It can be very difficult to find a repair shop for your Semi truck, Bus or School Bus, Dump truck, excavating equipment, fire and rescue vehicle’s, travel trailers, RV’s, commercial vehicle, and more. You can get your vehicle repaired with confidence, Big or Small, at Friedrich’s Auto & Truck Sales we will repair them all!

Contact us today with any questions on damaged vehicle’s our equipment. Either send us an email with an attached photo or give us a call at 320-251-6421.

*Lifetime guarantee is based on the defect in product/application. Does not cover any damage to repaired areas. Coverage is void if a change of ownership occurs. Ask for details.

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The Friedrich’s Auto & Truck Body Shop and Collision Center is dedicated to serving you in the best way we can. Getting in an accident can be scary, even little fender benders, so we strive to make our end of the process a little easier. Part of that is putting your mind at ease as to what your vehicle is going to go through. Maybe you’d just like our technicians to bring your vehicle back to life, or maybe you’re curious about what it is that goes on when it sits in the collision center. We can help alleviate some of the mystery so that if you ever need repairs on your vehicle, you can feel comfortable contacting us at our location in Rice, Minnesota. We also serve St. Cloud, Duluth, and Minneapolis, as well as Fargo, North Dakota.

Should you Fix your Car?

If you ask us, the answer is always yes! If your vehicle has been damaged, even if the problem area only seems to be detracting from the overall look, it’s better to get the area fixed, or at least inspected, to avoid aggravating any underlying issues.

The first hurdle for our technicians is to determine if repairs can make the vehicle drivable again. Of course, our technicians can take virtually any type of damage and work it so the vehicle runs once more, but that’s not exactly the priority. Your car or truck, especially newer models, are designed with areas specifically made to absorb as much of the impact of an accident as they can. This way, the car takes the hit, and not you. This is one reason why a seemingly minor accident can leave you with a severely damaged car. These areas are known as crumple zones and they’re located at the front and the back of your vehicle. When these parts of your vehicle are compromised, it’s less effective in protecting you in subsequent accidents. While many damages can be repaired so the car is like new again, if the technician feels that the metal will be weaker after the repair, they may recommend alternative solutions.

Estimating the Cost

Some of the biggest stressors for our customers are how long it’s going to take to repair the damage and how much it’s going to cost. While the technicians are assessing the damage, they’ll also be estimating the cost and time it’ll take to finish the repairs. You’ll also be told about any additional repairs that our technicians encounter along the way, so you can approve or dismiss an offer to fix these parts. This way, you can also decide if you’re going to need a rental in the interim.

Minor Repairs

Many accidents won’t smash in part of your vehicle. They’ll probably lead to a minor dent or some scratching. Smaller dents are fairly quick and painless to fix. It might involve removing other parts of the vehicle to get to them, but they can usually be done with a metal rod or even hot water. If needed, the technician might recommend replacing part of the car.

Scratches and repainting may be a little more work, as most models use a unique paint finish that might need to be specially ordered. But it’s still an easy fix once the paint is available, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Major Repairs

Whether a minor accident took a particularly nasty toll on your vehicle or serious impact has left you with a vehicle that’s dangerous or impossible to drive, it’s usually the major repairs that cause the most stress. This is often where those alternative solutions come in. Uncrumpling a smashed vehicle isn’t impossible, but the frame is usually weaker afterward. Our technicians will do our best to keep labor costs down, but your safety comes first.

A replacement part may need to be ordered. If your vehicle is an older vehicle, it’s going to be harder to replace certain parts and we might need to salvage parts from retired vehicles. This will require a little more work and it’s difficult to rely on the parts that may or may not be found, but we’ll do our best to restore your vehicle.

Of course, you’ll be informed of our process every step of the way so you’ll know the details of our initial estimated costs and when that might change. We take our customers’ needs very seriously and want to make sure you’ll be back on the road in a car you love and trust again. If you’re ever in need of repairs or other services, stop by Friedrich’s Auto & Truck and let us know how we can get you rolling again. We welcome all drivers from St. Cloud, Duluth, and Minneapolis, as well as Fargo, North Dakota.

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