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The frame of your vehicle serves as the largest piece of your vehicle. It keeps your vehicle in one piece and holds every other part in its correct place which is why it’s so important to maintain and repair any sort of frame damage.

In nearly 50% of all auto accidents, frame damage occurs. The damage can be as minor as a bent bumper or as major as frame alignment so all your vehicle’s components function properly.

Friedrich’s Auto & Truck is your local auto body frame shop, so if you have any questions or require any frame repair, you know who to call.

used cars st cloud mn


Whether you are in need of automobile, pick up truck, semi-truck, RV, commercial vehicle, truck frame repair, or trailer frame straightening and/or repair, we can get the job done. We have highly trained, experienced technicians that specialize in frame straightening and repair.

Whether it would be minor straightening to major collision damage you can rely on us to get your vehicle back on the road! With our state-of-the-art Frame Repair Pit and our 65′ Nova Verta downdraft paint booth, we provide complete in-house service professionally repairing and refinishing your vehicle.

used cars st cloud mn


With our Frame Repair Pit, our highly trained frame repair specialists have the experience and ability to repair minor to major damage. In business since 1954, we have proven to be Central Minnesota’s professional and affordable frame repair shop.

Complete with 24 hour medium/heavy duty towing, frame repair, wheel alignments, body repair, and mechanical repair technicians we are your one stop shop! Whether you have rollover damage, twisted frame rails, structural damage, panel repair/replacement, bent axles, etc. we will completely repair your vehicle!

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To see more on Medium/Heavy Frame Repair click on the link under the Service Center tab.

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